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why will eway+ be successful

Our project happens in a historical moment of world attention to the health of the environment and the planet. We all hear continuous news about the effects of global warming and the risks it carries, in conferences between countries that strive to find solutions. We are also impotent witnesses of a phenomena that is upsetting the climate balance causing disasters which are often irreparable as well as causing victims, wounded and people who lose everything they have.
There is a lot of talk about organic, bio, nature, ecology, eco-sustainability. It is for this reason that EWAY+ wants to invest in the media, in the social networks and in all the channels useful for communicating with the masses.
Another important factor in the reason why EWAY+ will be successful is the ascertained availability of oil currently present on the planet and the raw material forecasts provided by respectable sources. EWAY+ would be a way to use all the oil present and all the oil that hasn’t been extracted yet with the understanding that fossil fuels are no longer an enemy of the environment, but a harmless ally for humans to use in their vehicles and their inventions that every day help us move or produce energy, just to mention two of the uses of combustion engines.

advantages for the Environment

In petrol EWAY+ reduces and prevents the formation of unburnt hydrocarbons and, thanks to a more oxygenated combustion, EWAY+ brings the formation of carbon dioxide to optimal levels, significantly increasing the values ​​of oxygen and reducing the values ​​of carbon monoxide.
The action of EWAY+ decreases the formation of nitrogen oxides, because, thanks to a more complete combustion and a more rapid propagation of the flame, it allows to burn a greater percentage of each fuel injection.
In diesel, EWAY+ modifies the structure of sulfur molecules, in particular the structure of sulfites and sulphates. Therefore, the amount of sulfur will remain the same, however, the amount of dioxide and sulfur oxide will be reduced accordingly and the emissions will be less dangerous, toxic and carcinogenic.
With EWAY+ the combustion of any type of engine will be more complete, significantly reducing harmful gas emissions.

eway+ in combustion

EWAY+divides the fuel compounds, exchanges the chemical groups and recomposes the fuel molecules improving the quality of the fuel. The action of the enzyme helps to increase the degree and speed of combustion of any type of fuel, allowing a more complete explosion.

economic advantages

EWAY+ allows you to devote all the energy to the boost, reducing fuel consumption by up to 15%, thus fostering the interest of the consumer who will get an economic advantage.
Adding EWAY+ to fuel storage tanks, helps eliminate sediments resulting from biomass formation in the junction between water and fuel.
By reducing these contaminants, the fuel that will enter the combustion system will be cleaner and there will be less corrosion and contamination in the injectors.
Our product will keep (to a greater extent) clean: the tank, the filter, the injection system, the engine oil (there being less residue during the explosion), the combustion chamber, the exhaust system and catalyst.

The detergent action of the product, in a completely natural way, will bring more and different benefits, among which: lengthening the time between filter changes, lowering oil consumption, the tank and the injectors will not have to be cleaned any more, less need for vehicle maintenance and, consequently, the bus will be stationed for fewer routine checks.

These factors represent a further significant economic saving for the company in terms of cost reduction, downtime and various maintenance activities.

Dynamometer’s Test passed

Tested EWAY+ on racing cars
This means:


9,5% torque increased

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