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each member of our team has a precise task to do

Our team was born in 2015, when we all came to know the product and the benefits it will bring.
We decided to combine our knowledge and start a process of study and testing of the product;
Each member of the team has a specific task:

Saverio Michele Nucera

founder & c.e.o.
Serial entrepreneur.
He manages EWAY+ in the various countries.
Team coordinator with a single purpose.

Stefano Izzo

founder & c.o.o.
Human resources manager of the company and of its collaborators;
Manages the preparation and finalization of short and long-term business strategies.

Marta Turchet

founder & c.f.o.

Bureaucratic and communication aspects regarding collaborators;
Guides the focus of the company and the business strategies.

Michele Turchet

founder & c.i.o.
Responsible for the function and technological information;
He takes care of the technical part and the correct functioning of the product on all types of engines.

Giovanni Suraci

commercial director

He plans his own actions and those of the sellers who depend on him in order to achieve the commercial

Lawrence Mark Scalzo

pr. manager
He takes care of the relationships and operations that take place in the United States
He builds, maintains and nurtures networks and organizes effective and targeted communication strategies in line with the company objectives.

Laura Vargas Ulate

Translation Manager (T.M.)
Expert linguist, coordinates and supervises the work of translators and editors for the company and adviser for Costa Rica.

alvaro Lorenzo Gonzalez

He defines the rules and strategies that apply within its sales team in order to create a group with the aim to achieve common goals. (Spain)

emmanuel Cortes

Sales agent
Manager of the sales network in the pre-established area (Costa Rica).


ctsol – Creative Technological Solutions s.r.l.
A web development company and an integrated and multi-purpose communication agency that creates online platforms capable of enhancing the business of its customers through the most appropriate web marketing tools.
A heterogeneous and balanced team constantly engaged in the planning of communication strategies and in the implementation of the best practices of digital marketing.
A reliable and complete partner for all companies that want to grow in branding and visibility.

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